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UK Landscape Awards

Hosted by the UK Landscape Institute, the first ever UK Landscape Awards saw six world-class UK landscapes as final contenders. The finalists were selected by panels of judges across the UK with one finalist selected for each of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales and a further three finalists were selected from the winners in each of the nine English regions. The overall winner is then submitted to the Council of Europe’s European Landscape Award in Strasbourg.

The Award’s presentation ceremony, over a sit down formal dinner in the regal setting of St George’s Hall, Liverpool comprised two keynote speeches and the presentation of the awards, each preceded by a short film. Keystone provided the staging in this historic landmark building using an enormous screen to best present the impressive footage associated with each of the shortlisted entries and speeches. Keystone were also responsible for venue management and guest invitations.

Dinner speakers were Merrick Denton-Thompson OBE CMLI a Landscape Architect whose work has positively impacted on environmental policy and rural affairs and Professor Iain Stewart, geologist and broadcaster whose TV work includes the critically acclaimed How Earth Made Us and who has just completed filming two new series for BBC 2, Making Scotland’s Landscapes.

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