Technology made simple

We admit we are certainly not techno-geeks (apologies to all those techno-geeks out there, some of whom we really like – honest!). But we DO understand how important digital platforms are to event planning.

Whether it’s a user-friendly delegate management system, a captivating event website or an engaging app. we know exactly the right tools for the job.  And for bespoke systems, we work with our long-term digital partner to building the perfect solutions to meet our clients’ requirements.

Here’s just a brief overview of our services

Delegate management systems

An online delegate management system allows attendees to register for our clients’ event via a bespoke micro site and enter their personal details, enabling us to completely personalise their event experience.

Here’s what this could include:

  • Delegate information including contact details, dietary and accommodation requirements
  • Select lecture sessions and social events
  • Make payments
  • Personalised email communications
  • Group bookings
  • Badging

Event Apps

An Event App enables our clients to engage with their audience before, during and after the event, creating a seamless experience.

Here’s what this could include:

  • Personalised scheduling
  • Social sharing
  • Live polling and speaker Q&A
  • Post evaluation surveys
  • Live event feeds
  • Real time updates and alerts at your event
  • Speaker profiles
  • Document uploads

Event Website

The most important communication tool for events, the website is the hub for dynamic information.  We design and manage conference websites, using the latest technology to create websites which are not only engaging both visually and content-wise, but are also extremely user friendly.

Here’s what this could include:

  • Lecture synopsis and programme timetables
  • Speaker profiles and showreels
  • Social event information and showreels
  • Delegate management system (see above)
  • News blog