Have you heard the one about?

We all like a good story, and here at Keystone we know just how to engage your audience with the right messaging.

And once we’ve worked with you to create key messages, we shout them load and proud!

Here’s what this could include
  • Branding and signage – incorporating our clients’ brand guidelines, we create logos and branding for individual events and produce creative for both print and online communication.
  • Advertising and PR – Whether its national, regional or trade publications we develop event advertising campaigns to reach our clients’ target audience.
  • Social media – we build social media platforms or use existing, create social media content and manage scheduling.
  • E-marketing – to motivate and inform existing and potential audiences.
  • Audio and video production – to engage with our clients’ audience prior to the event and/or record the event itself.
  • Presentation content development – we develop the presentation format and liaise with speakers and clients to create and edit scripts and content.
  • Theme development – working with our clients to develop entertaining and innovative themes.