Sustainable event management

Protection the environment is one of the most important issues facing us today and at Keystone we are always trying to improve the sustainability of our events… here’s just a few things we’ve incorporated…
  • Requesting delegates to provide their own re-usable coffee holders and water bottles
  • Providing delegate information in a digital format only
  • Rewarding delegates for using public transport or lift sharing
  • Work with venues to provide recycle facilities
We’re also really proud to have introduced a whole ‘Sustainability in Practice’ lecture stream at this year’s SPVS VMG Veterinary Conference along with ‘Greening up the Vet Profession’ regional CPD – with leading environmental speakers from both within and outside the veterinary profession.
And of course, we like to walk the talk…here’s just a small selection of the re-usable cups to be found in our office.