The anticipation…

Nothing beats the anticipation of an event that’s just about to start – all the months (and sometimes years!) of planning are finally coming to fruition.

The Keystone team have had varied pre-event management lives that sometimes – dare we say it – involved projects and deadlines that slipped beyond the original timeframe. With events, however, there’s no going back – your date is set and everything is focussed on being ready for kick-off.

It doesn’t mean the skills we gained in previous industries haven’t enhanced our capabilities in running events – our work in marketing enabled us to understand the right channels and language to engage our target audience, our work in branding developed our time, budget and creative team management skills, our work in retail and catering provided us with excellent customer service and a can do attitude, and our work in radio production gave us the knowledge and high production values required for live shows (not sure what Charlotte’s role as a taste tester for a chef has helped with, even if it was delicious at the time!)

But truly nothing beats the anticipation and thrill of running live events.

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